Travel NZ and Australia

We plan to bring our music and emotional fitness teachings to audiences  throughout Australasia.

We plan to set up a touring circuit across Australasia at suitable venues for our musical performance, while maintaining our website at passingphase.co.nz a music channel on Youtube and a Facebook page.

Give talks on emotional fitness

We plan to make ourselves available to speak with interested parties or groups on the subject of emotional fitness.  There are also video blogs published on our Youtube channel. and on our website. We can talk on any of the subjects covered by the video blogs.

Form a community of bodywork providers through SOHTech

In the course of our travels we plan to meet up with relaxation and bodywork providers to share information and aspirations. We hope to set up an online campus for classes and courses at Sohtech.org

Set up emotional fitness programmes for public

We have an emotional fitness programme that we'd like to pilot and develop for delivering to the public.  Once the programme has become proven, then we'd hope that it could qualify for health or education subsidy and become an established part of mainstream experience.