Emotional Fitness

Our aim is to bring better understanding of emotions and help people to enhance their emotional fitness, resilience and adaptiveness by travelling around Australia giving talks on emotional fitness, performing a Song Sequence / Epidrama called Consequences of the Fall and promoting a website at SOHTech.

Kent Shelley

Kent is a musician / web developer with a lifelong experience with emotional disorder.  He vowed as a teenager that he would solve his dysfunction and find better solutions to offer to other people than what is currently available.  After completing a degree in Psychology and exploring the frontiers of the human mind and body he came up with the ideas expressed on this website.

Bronwyn Shelley

Bronwyn is a singer and content writer with a background in healthcare as a Registered Nurse and an Anaesthetic Technician. She maintains that having a high level of expertise and people skills is not the only measure of an emotionally functional human being. Struggles in her personal life have inspired her to pursue healthy relationships and emotional well-being and value them highly.