EmotFit: Emotional Fitness Programme

A programme designed to help you to increase your potential

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Situations Vacant

We are looking for facilitators to deliver the EmotFit Basic programme throughout New Zealand. Facilitators deliver any one, two or more of the three modules. Initially work is very much part time in the evenings and dependent on enrolments.

We are looking for the following:

EmotFit theory facilitators - An MA in psychology, good communication skills and life experience. Would suit trainee or qualified psychologist. We will also consider someone who is still completing their MA. A good understanding of human behaviour is essential for this part of the course. If you are interested in psychology but ‘bottom-of-the-cliff’ practice for individuals is not for you, then instead consider a career providing ‘top-of-the-cliff’ psychological practice to groups. You will be the programme leader, overseeing the organization and delivery of individual programmes and participant services.

Posture and bodywork facilitators - considerable experience in some area of posture development that can be delivered in a group environment, such as yoga, t’ai chi, Feldenkreis or Alexander technique, good communication skills and personal fitness.

Relaxation facilitators - experienced practioners of group and individual relaxation techniques.

Training will be given to successful applicants.

For more information and if you wish to tender your interest or apply for any active positions then send us a message at our SOHTech Profile.