EmotFit: Emotional Fitness Programme

A programme designed to help you to increase your potential

passing phase technology


Many of the technologies used in this programme are already widely used in the performing arts, sports training and in therapeutic centres. This programme brings them together for the first time in one comprehensive integrated programme using new emotional fitness technology, developed in NZ by Passing Phase. This technology gives the whole package focus and direction carefully moulding together all parts of the course for maximum coherence and effectiveness.

Learning how to understand your emotions
using Passing Phase Emotional Fitness Technology. Successful people are those who have learnt how to channel their emotions. Enabling you to do that for yourself is one of the aims of the programme.

Learning how to Relax
Gaining knowledge and skills for a better understanding and use of the dynamic relationships between tension and relaxation.

Working your body
Learning how to work your body into new alignments to help change the way you use it and increase your potential. Some recognized form of body work such as yoga, tai chi or Feldenkreis is used in this programme to help you towards that goal.

Improving Posture
Mind and body act as one. Your posture affects the way you think and how you perform at daily tasks. Changing the way you think and approach life involves changing the way you use your body.