EmotFit: Emotional Fitness Programme

A programme designed to help you to increase your potential

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What is emotional fitness?

Emotional fitness describes your ability to cope emotionally.

Emotions are physical phenomenon. They follow complex rhythmic patterns and play an essential and rational role in human functioning.

Successful people are successful because they have learnt to channel their emotions. When the going gets tough, rather than getting angry and frustrated or depressed and pitiful, their emotions are so locked in to what they are doing that they persevere and succeed.

The essence of the Emotional Fitness programme is to guide you to learn how to use your emotions better, and find particular skills, into which you can channel your emotional energy more effectively.

The programme works on a practical as well as a theoretical level, involving use of the body through relaxation, posture and bodywork. Homework consists of practising the new knowledge on skills of your choice.